Under License of Canada’s BM&M Screening Solutions, ViPower International BV manufactures the gyratory screeners for Europe and the Middle-East.

The ViPower BM&M range of gyratory screeners offer you the best value for money. We offer a wide selection of screen products from off-the-shelf machines to full customized screen applications. ViPower BM&M’s experienced design and engineering staff provide before and after sales service including: machine selection, concept, design, engineering, manufacturing, spare parts backup, supervision, field training and commissioning. Our extensive experience enables us to select machine specifications and provide you with a specific performance guarantee. ViPower BM&Mscreens have been proven through years of high production performance in a wide range of operations.

3 year drive warranty

ViPower BM&M’s patented eccentric weight drive assembly is lubricated for life. With no gearboxes to maintain you maintenance costs are minimal.

Maximum Vibration Control

ViPower BM&M dynamically balances all screens. This allows you to put the screen at the top of your plant, without worrying about building vibration. ViPower BM&M tests every machine at the factory without bolting it down, to be sure the balance meets our rigid standards.

Ball Decks

All ViPower BM&M screens are equipped with “ball-decks” to assist in keeping the screen clean. The active motion propels the captive balls to constantly strike the underside of the fine screens thus dislodging wedged-in particles or near-size plugs. Depending on the application the balls are made of a 50 mm or 35 mm diameter engineered rubber that is customised to suit your specific application.

Maximum Productivity

ViPower BM&M puts the drive unit in the centre of the machine to get the same screening efficiency over the entire screen surface. With dynamic balancing and no mechanical gearboxes, BM&M operates all screens at 300 RPM versus most conventional 150 – 180 RPM screeners. The consistent motion across the screen combined with the high speed, make our ball box cleaning very efficient. The result is MAXIMUM efficiency and MAXIMUM capacity for your application with no downtime for cleaning the screens.